About Us

CareerHack, a start-up created by MBA alumni at IESEG school of management. We plan to solve one of the most annoying problems with regards to the tedious job application process. Yes, you're right we are talking about the tiring resume creation and cover letter for each job applications.

Even though we are putting so much effort to modify the resume and cover letter, sadly the end result is getting rejected by a robot (ATS software used by HR). We faced the exact solution and understood the need for a system to help us. We present you Careerhack, a system created for you to crack the chance of ATS rejections. We are using the same algorithm in an ATS software with Artificial Intelligence to help create tailored CV and cover letter for any job application you going to send.

Work with heart

We faced the same issue you have faced while searching for jobs ☹ Which makes us the experts to make this develop for you ☻

Reliable services

We generate the perfect resume for your job application and will be available for download in PDF or Word format

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With advanced Artificial intelligence technology Careerhack helps you to tailor make CV and cover letter in less than 3 minutes


Industry Experts

Top industry experts working in Human resource management backup our technological system to maximum precision in keywords and coverletter statements.


Easy Integration & Secure

Easy integration of data from LinkedIn and secure database helps us give you high security to store all your information in one database.